Hamster Taming Advice 

Hamsters can be unfriendly to humans for a number of reasons, the most common being that they have not been socialised with humans from a young age.  This can happen for many reasons, but the main one is that the person breeding the hamsters is breeding too many and centring on profit from selling the animals at the earliest age.

Hamsters bred in this way will only see a hand throwing food in at intervals.  It will recieve no socialisation.  These hamsters can be destined for many things depending on the breeder.  Responsible breeders will start handling their babies.

However with a little time and patience these little darlings can be turned around.

My first piece of advice is to look at the type of cage you have.   The most useful type of cage I use in taming situations is a box cage (Instructions are in the Cage and accessories tab) I like to use this as you can see hamster, hamster can see you.  There are no tubes for hamster to shoot off into and hide, avoiding handling. 

I recommend that your hamsters cage is empty, other than bedding material, food and water.  No Wheel, not toys.  Having such a barron cage makes the hamster look forward to interaction with you. 

Now the hard part,  using a floor ball, scoop hammie up, this give protection to you and hammy.  I have tried leather gardening gloves before, but find handling difficult.  and the hamster mells the leather, rather than you.  Anyway scoop up hamster and tranfer to either an empty bath with the plug in and a towel on the bottom, or an empty storage box.  Here I gently stroke hammy if possible,  Hammy may role on their back, or scream.  This is normal, but be patient.  I will do this for ten to fifteen minutes, giving edible treats as a reward for positive behaviour.  Edible treats can be sunflower seeds, and nuts from their normal food.  After the ten to fifteen minutes I will put hamster in the floor ball for 20 minute as a reward

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