We have a new addition

February 13, 2011
But not of the hammie type.

Over the past few weeks I have been bonding Arthur, a German Lop Rabbit from http://pixiepetrescue.yolasite.com/ to my remaining lonely girl Isla.  All is going well and I am hoping to bond them with another pair I have to make a nice group to live in my dog kennel set up.

You can see Arthur's (formerly Eeyore) story on  http://forums.rabbitrehome.org.uk/showthread.php?t=248152

Happy Little Hamsters

January 28, 2011
The furry faces here at Little Dumpling Hamster Rescue would like to say a big "Thanks" to the lovely and very generous people at Supreme Pet Foods, who have send a fantastic donation which will keep the rescue going for months!

They have thought of everything, not only the practicals of bedding and food, but of mental stimulation, and included some wonderful toys too!
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New Year, New Start for two girlies

January 15, 2011
Two of our girls went off to start a new life with their forever family today.  Daffy and LilyMae went off to live with Dave and Norma in Northumberland.  I wish them all the best with their new family and look forward to photos once they have all settled.
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another man to be prosecuted for cruelty to hamster

August 14, 2010

Another man is to be prosecuted for microwaving a Syrian hamster to death.

I am really pleased that animal cruelty is being taken seriously, and that the police/rspca are going for prosecution rather than letting people get away with it. 
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Hamster Microwave case given custodial sentence

June 14, 2010
This case was brought to my attention a few weeks back however, today it concluded


Good! but surely the parents should have been prosecuted for with holding vet treatment.

I am really pleased to see the judge has taken such a hard line, not only with a custodial sentence but with the ban, but I would have prefered it was a 10 year ban. I don';t think the lad will...
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Delilah would like a home

June 14, 2010
Poor Delly has been with me for 10 weeks now, and is wondering if anyone out there would like to take her home.  Although she has settled here well, I think she deserves a family home, where she can be stimulated and have a great time.
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Two New Boys

April 25, 2010
I have two new boys from a breeder.  They were destined for petshops, but I thought I could find them a new home.
Both are 8 weeks old, and completely tame and really lovable.  they are both completely facinated by their wheels, and love to come out in their exercise balls
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Why, Why, Why Delilah!!

April 20, 2010
Delilah has come to me from Pets At Home Hartlepool.  She is a rust banded satin female. She has been returned to them twice, due to being untame. So hopefully will be available for rehoming in the coming weeks once she has had some intensive training.

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Sid has a new home

April 8, 2010
This lovely girl who has taught me so much, went to her new home on Tuesday, and I have already heard that she is settling in well and loving her new mummy very much.  Her new parents drove all the way from Derby to come and pick her up.  I hope she brings you as much joy as she has brought to me.
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Sydney is a girl!

March 25, 2010
I was just checking her over last night and noticed that she is a girl.  Its the first time she has let me check her over since she came here, for the past 10 days she would wriggle and writh out.  Syd has come far in the past 10 days and I am hhappy to say she is now ready for adoption, and waiting for her new forever home.

If you are interested, please contact us via email for an adoption form.
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